Quality caskets made with as much love as you have for the one you've lost.
Our craftsmanship is unmatched,
we also make the purchasing process as easy as possible.
Caskets $500 & up.

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My name is Ria Huitema. 

Upon the sudden death of my “very special” husband in 2007, my young sons and I had to make the unfamiliar task of making funeral arrangements.

We were shocked at how impersonal and expensive everything was.
 Were there no cheap coffins? It should not have to be this way.

For all of us, there is a temptation when making funeral arrangements to overspend, even if we cannot afford to do so, whether in buying a casket or other well-intentioned gestures. Why do we sometimes allow ourselves to think irresponsibly this way? In part, we can give in to this thinking because a funeral is typically the last tangible, full measure of respect that we can give a loved one. And often we don’t have other choices-no alternatives.

Although my children and I didn't know what else to do at first, we ultimately chose to make our own casket. Making our own casket was very affordable and it was truly a worthy, last full measure of respect that we could make—Because it was made with LOVE.

From this experience, Triple 7 Caskets was conceived with the purpose to ease the pain of final expenses by providing quality, affordable, wholesale caskets. Check out our cheap caskets & coffins with a personal touch.